ABC has helped thousands of individuals with autism over the past 30 years, in 4 continents globally.  All our programs are individually designed and implemented based on the person’s unique needs   We provide programs for individuals/families,  as well as training programs for schools handling special needs.

GOOD NEWS!!! ABC Center Singapore’s EarlyPreps programme has been appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) for the Pilot for Private Intervention Providers (PPIP) Scheme.

Singaporean and PR children (from 0-6 yrs) who are recommended by their pediatricians to receive Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) or PPIP intervention, will be able to apply for and receive financial subsidies.

Services for Individuals/Families:

ABA Intensive Behavioral Program:  for children with Autism, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorer) or other similar disorders, between the ages of 3 and 12.  This is a language-based ABA program, individually designed for each child.  Each program enables critical language skills, functional activities, socialization, initiation, spontaneity and generalization of mastered skills.  The overall goal is to prepare for integration into school. (Click here to read more)

Infant/Toddler (IT) Program: For infant and toddlers up to 3 years who exhibit autistic-like behaviors, who are at risk of a diagnosis of autism, or who have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. (Click here to read more)

Both the ABA Intensive Behavioral Program, as well as the Infant/Toddler (IT) Program can be conducted in either English, or in Mandarin.

Classroom Consultation and Shadowing:  Visit, shadowing and consultation on the child in the neighborhood school.  Consultation may be limited to one or two areas of focus (such as PECS or the reduction of behavior excesses), or may encompass the design and monitoring of an intensive behavior program.

In Home ABA Program:  We also provide our ABA Intensive Behavioral Program at the child’s home, assuming that the child’s assessed needs would warrant a home program.   This program is also appropriate for children who are in school (either typical or special schools),  and also require individualized ABA support at home after school hours.

Parent/Caregiver Training:  We believe parents and caregivers are integral to maximize the success of the ABA program.  Hence, we provide training seminars to enable consistency of approach both in the center and at home.

Play Skill Group Program:  Designed to support children in mutually enjoyed play experiences with typical peers,  we maximize children’s intrinsic desire to play, socialize and form meaning relationships within a play setting.More

This program is specially designed for children who are ready for more integrated activities.  They will be exposed to various play activities and games while learning and developing basic social and play language repertoire in a structured play setting.  The goal of the program is to teach basic social skills and generalization of these skills into a natural setting, increasing children’s motivation and enjoyment of social engagement.Less

Social Skills Program:  Designed for children who already have good verbal skills, this will develop social skills to build positive interactions – ie, to understand social cues, proper behaviour and response without awkwardness, enabling them to be behave more comfortably in everyday social settings. If your child has Asperger’s, high functioning autism, ADHD or other learning difficulties, he/she will benefit significantly from this program.More

This program will help children improve social skills such as taking other people’s perspectives, making friendships and developing or generalizing appropriate social repertoires.  The goal is to acquire social knowledge and competence through intervention, practice and rehearsal.  This will eventually allow acquiring independence with complex routines such as completing homework and acquiring self-management skills.Less

EarlyPreps Program:  This is an early intervention pre-school program, with the intention of preparation for mainstream schooling.  This is designed for children with higher skill levels,  and are ready to learn in a group setting.  The curriculum covers language, cognition and perception (inclusive of early reading, writing and numeracy), social, play and gropu skills, motor skills, self-help and independence, and managing/reduction of negative behavior, if any.  The classes are done in groups of 4 – 8 children.  Each child has his/her own Individual Education Plan, but learn in a group classroom setting to maximize social, group and behavioral skills.  Singaporean and PR children (from 0-6 yrs) who are recommended by their pediatricians to receive Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) or PPIP intervention, will be able to apply for and receive financial subsidies.

Independent Living Skills: For Teens and Adults:  As individuals grow to become teens and adults,  we want them to live more independently – eg learn to dress,  make a sandwich, eventually read road signs, go to the grocery.  This program is meant to accomplish this, as well as preparation for potential vocational skills.  This is designed for older children, teens and adults to live and function more independently.More

Independent Living Skills encompasses self-help, pre-vocational, and skills and tasks around the home.  Lessons will be teaching individuals to take care of their basic needs and to perform tasks necessary for independence in their daily lives.  Lessons will be designed to create situations in which the individual can practice skills when certain social cues are present.Less

Consultant Specialist Services 

Speech / Language Therapy:  This is conducted by Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr Lisa Lim, PhD., Clinical Director of The Speech Practice.   Services for individual sessions include speech, language, verbal dyspraxia, feeding, voice and stuttering.  Group sessions for social thinking and theory of mind are also available.

Educational Psychologist Consultation:   This is conducted by Educational Psychologist, Ms. Jessie Ooh, M.A, Director of Jessie Pediatric Psychological Services.  Services include Psychologist Diagnostic Assessment, School Readiness Assessment, as well as other educational psychology support.

Occupational Therapy:  This is provided by Ms Janine Tan  (BOccThy, SIPT certified), Clinical Director & Senior Occupational Therapist of KidzSTAR Occupational Therapy (Pte. Ltd.). Individual assessment and intervention sessions (both centre and home-based) are available.

Services for Non-Government Organization/Schools handling Special Needs Education

Consultations for Schools/NGO’s handling Special Needs Individuals:  As an expert in the field of autism,  ABC provides consultations to schools handling special needs individuals.  These consultations include: training of school staff on handling of individuals with autism, assessment of the school structure using the “pyramid-powered classroom checklist”,  child-specific assessment and creation of education programs.  The training we give to school staff include: 3/5 day discrete trial workshops, PECS training, Discrete Trial Certification Programs, generalisation workshops, and many others.


In the News: ABC US operation feature, Newsweek, July 31, 2000

Thank you to the dedicated work of our professional staff and the support of the parents and families of the children in our care.